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My name is Dr Veroniek Decoene,

Welcome to iCareClinic!                                                                          

Since shortly I’m also exercising my consultations in the center of Tervuren, nearby Brussels.

I’m working in the “anti-aging” domain as a vascular and aesthetic surgeon.


What does this mean exactly?

Once you are getting older, your face is showing more and more signs of aging.

  • Frown lines deepen, horizontal wrinkles develop.
  • Brown spots
  • Vertical lines begin to appear and deepen around lips; wrinkling becomes more
  • Eyebrows sag, causing eyelids to appear hooded and heavy.
  • Jawline sags, creating the impression of jowls.

My approach “anti-aging” consists to address every aging zone with a different solution

  • botulinum toxin for the upper part of the face
  • fillers for the lower half (laugh lines, thin lips).
  • thread lifts Silhouette Soft ™
  • peeling for brown spots

The techniques in the aesthetical (non-surgical) anti-aging treatments have evolved a lot, due to the growing demand in recent years. All this treatments are non-invasive. This means that the following day you can pick up your daily activities.

The most spectacular results you will achieve by combining different techniques.

Every face is aging differently. This is the reason why I am developing a tailor made approach for every customer.


My webpage iCareClinic is describing the used techniques.

I would be happy to respond to your questions in detail.